64+ Top Australian Tech companies to work at

If you’re interested in finding a job in the tech field, then your problem won’t be so much that Australia doesn’t have many companies that you can apply to, but rather that it has too many to choose from with so little information at your disposal.

The number of potential employers is astronomical. However, among all of the available tech companies in Australia, there are a few that stand out in terms of good company repute, the way that they treat their workers, and the facilities that they have to offer.

While this isn’t a complete list of all such companies, it does contain the ones that stand out the most and that might be of interest to anyone looking to get into this particular field.

  1. 4Mation Technologies

4Mation is a development company that specializes in creating custom websites, apps, web applications, and more. The prolific nature of the work involved and the number of potential clients looking to make good use of their services has led the company to conclude that their current workforce is not enough and that they need additional skilled hands on deck.

In order to make sure that they hire only the most qualified people for the job, the corporation offers certain benefits that come with signing a contract. These benefits include an annual fitness bonus starting at the end of their first year, retail vouchers, and even venue passes. And of course, there are also the weekly meetings that help employees share what they’ve learned and that encourage a more team-oriented workplace.

  1. A Cloud Guru

A Cloud Guru provides a cloud learning service that can provide anyone with the knowledge they need in order to go from beginner to virtuoso in certain software. So far, the company has had over a million users that have taken full advantage of all the benefits that all of the educational content can provide. ACG tries to take into account the needs of its employees as much as the needs of its customers. For this reason, their employees receive additional leave each year so that they can be better rested and perform at peak ability.

  1. Accenture

Accenture is a global provider of digital, strategy, and consulting solutions to any company that might profit from such services. The business says that it prides itself on combining human ingenuity with intelligent technology, which means that the new hires that it takes on need to be creative and resourceful, or at least have a strong work ethic. As a company, they are an all-inclusive employer and go to great lengths to ensure that the work environment is a place where new ideas and innovations are nurtured and rewarded.

  1. Adobe

Adobe is a brand that’s well known to those that work in the digital media field, as well as to anyone that’s ever touched up a photo or edited a wedding video. As a globally recognized company, they do everything in their power to ensure that every local branch of their employees enjoys the same benefits that would be expected by a company of this calibre. 

The benefits in question will naturally include all of the necessary medical coverages, but also things such as employee discounts for products, an effective salary continuance plan, and even a learning fund that basically every employee is eligible for.

  1. Afterpay

Afterpay provides an interest-free online payment service, where the customers are allowed to pay for their purchase over multiple installments and won’t even be charged any additional fees, at least as long as they keep up with their regular payments. The employees are entitled to all of the health, financial, retirement, and parenting insurances that you might expect from any company that is as interested in the wellbeing of their workers as Afterpay is. 

Additionally, they also offer employee discounts for their services, apprenticeships programs, and job training, as well as gym memberships.

  1. Afterpay Touch

Afterpay Touch is a service that allows people to shop online with a mere touch of their fingers and split the payment of their fee into multiple increments that they can pay off slowly over time, without any interest as long as they make their payments on time. 

Seeing as how the company has millions of active customers that are in need of their service at any one time, their staff needs to be able to adapt in order to keep up with the pace of the company. Luckily, however, Afterpay touch is more than happy to provide loyal staff with suitable compensation for that level of work.

  1. AgriDigital

AgriDigital is as well known for the upskilling opportunities that it provides for its employees as it is for its real-world solutions for real-world problems in the agricultural field. They offer all of their employees a chance to be one of the engineers, business people, and agri-specialists that are dedicated to making digital supply chains a reality. 

Additionally, ever since they expanded the territory of their influence to North America, they’ve become more dedicated to adopting more cloud-based collaborative tools in order to allow their staff to work from just about anywhere, and whenever they are able to.

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb might be familiar to frequent travelers as a corporation that allows people to book and rent apartments instead of hotel rooms when they go on vacation or on business trips. The company has significantly grown in size since it was launched in 2008, yet they still hold true to the belief that they wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without their employees and the fantastic teamwork that they showed and continue to show. 

As such, they offer comprehensive health plans, food programs, learning and development opportunities, annual travel credit, team offsites, and happy hours, as well as supported paid volunteer time for those potential employees that are capable of working well with others.

  1. Airtasker

Airtasker is an online platform whose goal is to connect companies in need of competent workers with experienced labourers that have the skill needed to do the job that’s required of them. 

The company has steadily been growing over the years, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. In order to facilitate their growth, they mean to take on more and more new hires, and they mean to keep them by providing certain bonuses. These bonuses range from a fitness allowance to an annual training allowance for those looking to learn new skills or brush up on old skills, to a relocation allowance to out of state hires, and even a parental leave policy.

  1. Airwallex

Airwallex provides its customers with products that are meant to strengthen the infrastructure of their business and make certain previously problematic tasks, like accounting, much simpler and easier to complete. Although the headquarters of the company are now in Hong Kong, the Australian HQ is still very much active as well, and always looking for potential new hires. 

Airwallex thrives on the talent and the results of its employees, so it’s always looking for motivated individuals that are willing to put in some extra effort and receive a substantial reward if they prove themselves to be reliable to take on more responsibility in the company.

  1. Altis Consulting

Altis provides data analysis and consulting services to all of its customers that might be in need of the solutions and templates that the company provides, designed to strengthen any business model. Altis offers all of the employees a chance at job satisfaction by incentivising them to prove their level of skill and earn suitable rewards as a result. This system also applies to employees that work to accomplish their goals as a group, thereby drawing attention to the strong team aesthetic that the company wants to build.

  1. Ansarad

Ansarada has designed revolutionary AI tools that have helped countless investors make the right decisions and close lucrative deals based on the information from their virtual data rooms. They have also incorporated and examined the gathered data in order to optimize these same tools even further.

In order for their staff to feel more fulfilled when it comes to doing their work, Ansarada encourages all of the employees to make the company’s goal their goal, and see every achievement that Ansarada earns as a team effort and one that everyone had an equal role in reaching.

  1. Appen

Appen provides an AI-assisted data annotation platform that’s created by collecting and labeling images, text, speech, audio, video, and other data, and that provides its clients the means to enhance their products and services. 

The flex workers that the company employs, which number over a million, are scattered over 130 countries and provide the company’s customers with the diverse range of abilities and knowledge that can only come from a group of that size. 

In order to further nurture the advancement of these abilities, Appen encourages their employees to choose the work schedule that suits them best, and take part in innovative projects that are sure to stimulate the development of new skill sets.

  1. AppDynamics

AppDynamics provides an application intelligence platform that empowers software-defined businesses with the ability to proactively monitor, manage, and optimise the most complex software environments. AppDynamics has started to develop its place in the Australian market more and more and is looking to exercise the same principles of openness with its employees that were so effective in the US, where the company was started. 

On top of the commitment by the leadership team to be friendly and approachable, there are also some great employee perks, flexible work hours, and wellness benefits. 

  1. Atlassia

Atlassian provides issue tracking, collaboration, and development software for teams. The company employs over 2000 people, and ensures that newly assigned employees are well taken care of and are given ample time to adjust to their new surroundings. This is evidenced by the social group created in order to allow new hires from out of the country to get acquainted with both Sydney and their colleagues by offering information about the city, as well as through organized company events.

  1. Autodesk Australia

Autodesk is a software developer that has programs with viable applications in fields such as engineering, entertainment, and anywhere else where easy-to-create 2D or 3D models are needed. They employ more than 100 employees in Australia, and most of them have said that the flexible work times, the ability to work from home, and the professional environment despite the minimal supervision are some of the company’s strongest points. Add to that their equal opportunity employment policies and their compensation and benefits packages and you’ll find that they are very much worth your consideration.

  1. Avoka

Avoka creates customer acquisition and onboarding journeys for account opening, lending applications, and business onboarding. The company is always looking to improve the services that it can offer its clients and as such is constantly in need of new ambitious workers that can come up with new solutions and who are capable of bringing fresh energy into the fold. 

Avoka also offers a competitive salary, full benefits, and an environment that encourages their employees to learn new skills and offers them a chance to work with the latest technology.

  1. Bench

The Bench platform is a technology designed to optimise programmatic spending, analyse campaigns in real-time, create converting landing pages, protect brand equity, and much more. 

Since Bench conducts its business on a global scale, it’s well aware that people from different countries and cultures may have different work standards and job expectations. In an effort to provide equal opportunity employment to people from any and every background, the company embraces cultural differences and tries to find ways to incorporate them in an attempt to make the team dynamic stronger as a whole.

  1. BizCover

BizCover provides customers with all the necessary business insurance that any company might need. It goes to extreme lengths to make things simple and effortless for its clients, and one of the major ways in which it does this is with the provision of quotes for their numerous services that are free of charge, so that anyone can match and compare prices with other online providers.

BizCovery also has a few pretty effective employment incentives, not least among them being the career progression opportunities. These include the training programs that it provides in order to help employees improve their skills, or even groom them for managerial positions. They do this in order to place competent personnel in positions that best suit them and to emphasize their belief that if the employee succeeds, so does the company.

  1. Canva

Canva is an Australian startup valued at over a billion dollars that gives their customers the tools needed to create everything from business cards and resumes to flyers and brochures, and skip the need for paying extravagant fees for simple design work. 

The company attributes its success to a strong organizational structure and their policy for providing every employee with an opportunity to develop their abilities by placing them in a workplace that gives every staff member a sense of pride in the job they’re doing.

  1. Cashreward

Cashreward offers their site visitors the best offers available for certain products, so that they may get the best value for their purchases, and even earn some cashback. The company has also joined the pledge 1% cause and has made numerous strides in ensuring that their employees are well taken care of and receive all the perks that you might expect when working for a corporation with such a philanthropic spirit.

  1. Cogen

Cogent allows its clients to enhance their businesses by helping them create or improve the service or product that they intend to market, clarifying the problems that they may face and coming up with solutions, and through many other hands-on profit growth strategies. 

Cogent has had an increase in both workload and new hires in recent years, all because it’s looking to do what they help others achieve – grow their company. Interested potential employees could use the company’s intended growth to prove their abilities and make a place for themselves in the business.

  1. Culture Amp

Culture Amp provides employee retention, rapid growth, and business transformation solutions, among others. The products that the company provides are specifically designed to help their clients grow by helping them improve communication with their employees, by providing analytics and action planning and so on. 

The employees of Culture Amp are provided all of the same benefits that the site itself recommends that every company should provide to their workers in order to make sure that they are content in their job.

  1. Deputy

Deputy is a developer that provides staff management solutions that can optimize the productivity of any company that uses any of the products that they have on offer. Deputy employs innovative cloud-based technology, machine learning, and AI in order to provide their clients with the best possible products. 

These resources are also useful to potential employees as they will have access to tools that will enable them to develop their abilities in the field much more quickly and effectively. Deputy takes any and all opportunities to ensure that those employees that are proficient at their work are properly compensated.

  1. Digivizer

Digivizer is a SAAS (software as a service) platform that provides its clients with all of the information that they might need in order to make informed and well-researched business decisions and investments. 

Employees are offered the opportunity to work with data obtained from various sources and learn the potential benefits that properly managing such data can have on the success and the livelihood of any aspiring or even established enterprise. The staff is also a vital element in developing future tools that may help take the company to a new level, and the employees with it.

  1. DocuSign

DocuSign allows its users to automate agreement workflows and management, as well as streamline agreement generation, review, and approval from any mobile device. It strives to create solutions and ways for people to approve just about any document and agreement in the safest way possible. The company also strives to ensure that its employees are satisfied and content with their job. 

And that’s why they provide their staff with comprehensive health benefits, an employee referral bonus program, and even initiatives like paid volunteer time off and learning and development training.

  1. Envato

Envato operates a group of digital marketplaces that sell creative assets which range from tools for websites and mobile apps to graphics and design templates. The company puts enormous emphasis on allowing their employees to spend as little time in the workplace as possible. 

On top of allowing them to work and travel for three months from virtually anywhere, Envato also offers their workers the possibility to get an extra two-week leave, as well as an 18-month parental leave program, with full pay for the primary caregiver and two weeks of full pay for partners.

  1. Expert360

Expert360 connects professionals from various fields with companies or interested parties that might be interested in hiring them in order to gain the benefits of their expertise. As a corporation whose source of income is connecting the right workers with the right employers, it’s only natural that the company itself should have a good hiring track record as well. 

Each employee will need to be a team player with a strong work ethic, and in return, Expert360 will offer certain guaranteed job perks, as well as a few additional ones for those that are hired for or move up to positions that require more responsibility.

  1. EY

EY is a company that provides assurance, tax, and transaction advisory services to organizations in order to help them capitalize on opportunities, fulfill regulatory requirements, keep investors informed, and meet stakeholder needs. 

EY has an equal employment policy that it’s proud of, as well as a reconnect returner program. The program allows women that have taken a prolonged leave of absence from their position to integrate back into their day-to-day work life more easily, and it’s one of the many steps that the company takes in order to keep their employees satisfied and happy to get back to work each day.

  1. HealthEngine

HealthEngine is an online service that connects patients in need of medical advice with experienced healthcare professionals that can provide them with the help that they are looking for. The user base of the site consists of over a million patients and doesn’t look to be stopping it’s growth anytime soon. With such a massive number of site visitors, the company is looking to increase the staff that it has on hand, in order to make sure that it can keep up. It offers all of the necessary insurances that every employee needs, and provides them with an opportunity to have their work potentially improve the wellbeing of others.

  1. hipages

hipages has more than 200 very qualified employees that are well versed in the trades business, which can help their clients make the most informed decisions. The company is looking to expand that number further and bring in a lot more tradespeople and internal staff in order to further enhance their online presence and make their mark on the Australian market.

One of the major incentives that they provide in order to bring in potential employees with families is the school holiday daycare, where they can bring their kids and have them learn about robots and technology. This has proved to be very effective as most parents don’t have to feel like they’re away from their little ones for too long, which increases the company productivity, as well as employees’ job satisfaction.

  1. HotelsCombined

HotelsCombined offers exactly the sort of service that you might assume that they do based on their name. They allow people to use their site in order to find and compare hotel rates from the most popular travel sites available, so that they can find the best possible prices. Potential employees will, of course, receive all of the perks and job securities that every employee in Australia is owed, but they will also be given a chance to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment that will test all of their skills, and help them develop new ones.

  1. Houzz

Houzz aims to help the millions of homeowners and professional home designers that use their platform remodel their houses much more easily and quickly by creating new tools to help them in the endeavour. 

The company is also well aware of the needs of the staff and it takes great care to offer all of the necessary employee benefits, which include health, dental and vision insurance, and generous equity in the business. It also tries to promote a work environment where teamwork is celebrated and everyone tries to support and better their colleagues.

  1. Hubspot

Hubspot is a sales platform that has redefined how a lot of companies market their products or services online to grow their business and their profit. While the company does offer certain appealing employment benefits and job security assurances, it also does its best to keep the atmosphere in the workplace as easy going and as productive as possible. This is the main reason why Hubspot provides their workers with free snacks, a ping pong table, and even a supply of beer to enjoy at their leisure.

  1. Hudl

Hudl provides its customers with the means to run customizable performance analysis, record better footage that allows clients to gather more accurate data and even makes connecting coaches and trainers with promising new players much easier. 

Hudl provides its employees with the option for movement within the company, which ensures that everyone is where they need to be in order to do the best that they are capable of. In addition, it also provides an incredible incentive for sports fans since it provides certain members of staff with the chance to attend a sports event anywhere in the world.

  1. Indeed

Indeed is the most popular job site in the world, with hundreds of millions of visitors to the site on a monthly basis. So naturally, Indeed itself is going to have a dedicated staff line-up full of highly motivated and skilled people.

The workers have various incentive programs while at work, as well as wellness days, fitness classes, and an open vacation policy that ensures everyone is properly rested and is giving it their all when they go back to work.

  1. InfoTrack

InfoTrack creates intuitive tools that enable customers to find, analyse, organise, and communicate information more efficiently. The company has said that its customers are the center of everything they do, but that doesn’t mean that their employees are any less important to them, and the numerous programs that they offer prove that.

The company partners with Commonwealth Bank in order to ensure that all of the employed staff have an understanding of property investment, financial planning, and even tips on buying a house for those aspiring new homeowners. They also understand the importance of a healthy and satisfied employee, and place significant value in offering training sessions on recognising and managing mental health issues in the workplace.

  1. ING

ING is a respectable and well-known brand in the Australian banking industry that employs over a thousand people across the country. It provides useful information and quick solutions to everyone that’s not very knowledgeable about things such as home loans or insurance policies. It attempts to help everyone on the staff reach their full potential by allowing them to share their ideas through the company’s vast international network, as well as their omnichannel distribution strategy. This approach helps promote teamwork on a global scale and ensures that every viable successful idea that’s put into action is rewarded.

  1. Intuit Australia

Intuit is a creator of multiple softwares that provide their customers with easy ways to manage every aspect of their business in order to increase efficiency. The company is well aware that the work they do isn’t easy, and as such, they need the personnel that’s behind the helm to be at their best at all times – so they take measures to ensure that that’s the case. 

The managers make sure to meet with the employees on a monthly basis in order to find out what the employees want to achieve and how the managers can assist them in their goal to improve their workplace performance.

  1. JobAdder

JobAdder is a service provider that allows companies to optimize their recruitment process as well as offer solutions to common management issues that arise in this particular field. As a corporation that specializes in this sector of the employment and personnel field, it’s no surprise that it has a few perks that it offers to those that are interested in getting a job in the company itself. 

These include things such as work arrangement options, which include flexible work hours and the ability to work from outside the office, always present promotion opportunities for competent and ambitious employees, and even a fully stocked beer fridge in the Sydney offices.

  1. LegalVision

LegalVision is a company in the commercial legal services industry that connects clients that are looking for legal aid or advice with a suitable professional in the field of law that’s qualified to offer the assistance that they need. 

The staff that’s employed there do everything in their power to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that every pairing of clients and legal representatives goes as smoothly as possible. The company has lawyers and developers working remotely from interstate, and many of their staff take the opportunity to work from home on a regular basis.

  1. Lendi

Lendi helps its customers make the right decisions when it comes to home loans by matching customers with loans from over 30 major lenders and helping them get approved in a quick online process through the use of their platform. In order to make sure that their customers get the best service from the company, Landi does its best to hire some of the most hardworking and dedicated staff around. Naturally, the corporation compensates the workers with all of the benefits that any model employee deserves.

  1. LogMeIn

LogMeIn is a SaaS company that offers internal IT, communications, and support solutions for any small, mid-sized or large enterprises. The solutions to any of these issues that LogMeIn comes up with wouldn’t be nearly as effective if the members of staff that proposed them were working in an office that didn’t emphasize creating a positive and productive workplace for its employees. The corporation also offers a lot of different benefits to its workers, like the attractive health and wellness plans, innovation “hackathons” designed to get those creative juices flowing, and even pet insurance.

  1. Luminary

Luminary offers so many different digital services that it’s hard to say what they specialize in exactly, however you can easily assume that they are quite good at what they do, since the company has been going strong ever since it was created back in 1999. Every aspect of the business, from the high ceilings and open office spaces, to the training sessions employed in order to give their employees more learning opportunities, is designed to improve the corporation by focusing on their staff first and foremost.

  1. Macquarie Cloud Services

Macquarie Cloud Services is a cloud hosting and data services company that’s dedicated to, providing flexible, custom IT solutions to both business and government bodies. The enterprise wholeheartedly believes that the quality of the service that they provide is all thanks to the easygoing but idea-driven workspace that they try to create for their employees. 

On top of having a great graduate training program, Macquarie also incentivises top performers with trips and the recognition of milestones, in addition to all of the employee job security benefits that come with just about any position in the business of course.

  1. Mexia

Mexia believes in the power of great workplace culture to deliver exceptional client outcomes, so to realise this, the company heavily invest in their people. Mexia believes in allowing the employees to evaluate themselves when they request pay rises and lets them come to their own conclusions as to which parts of their performances were exemplary and in which areas they need to improve. The company places the choice of the employees’ careers squarely in their own laps and lets them decide if their current position is satisfactory for them or if they would like to try a position that comes with more responsibility and more benefits.

  1. MyDeal.com.au

MyDeal.com.au offers an online marketplace, which as the slogan on the site says, is a “one-stop shop” for visitors that are looking to purchase everything from workout equipment to skincare products, as well as a place where retailers can sell their wares and grow as a result. The business prides itself on its dynamic workplace that encourages the employees to be as ambitious as possible, as the fast-tracked career opportunities are plentiful and readily available to those that prove themselves to be model employees with a strong work ethic.

  1. MYOB

MYOB provides a variety of services – everything from simplified accounting tools, to payroll and client management solutions to every sort of business, regardless of its size or even the market that it’s involved in. They offer their employees flexible hours, purchased additional leave, generous parental leave benefits, and career breaks. 

Additionally, every member of staff is also presented with all of the proper health insurance benefits and even certain financial benefits like personal travel insurance discounts, employee referral bonuses, or even just financial advice for handling investments or lease options.

  1. NetApp Australia

NetApp’s hybrid cloud infrastructure allows their clients to manage their apps and files, as well as transfer all of their necessary data across multiple different platforms and locations at breakneck speeds. When it comes to their work culture, they promote self-improvement in their employees and encourage their staff to take people management courses in order to develop their skills further. 

Additionally, their employees also have access to NetApp University and its development platforms that consist of multiple self-learning courses. All and all, NetApp aims to help everyone on staff improve themselves to the best of their abilities.

  1. Nuix

Nuix provides its customers with state-of-the-art options when it comes to cybersecurity, as well as solutions to some of the most troubling problems that every company that works online is faced with. If that wasn’t all, Nuix also allows their workers to get the chance to help contribute to lowering the crime rate in this particular sector in order for them to get a sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction that you can scarcely get anywhere else. Add on to that the flexible work hours, the competitive compensation, as well as the training and mentoring programs, and you’ll find that the Nuix workspace has a lot to offer for just about anyone.

  1. OFX

OFX is a cloud-based service that helps its clients transfer funds and manage their finances abroad. Regardless of the client in question is an individual or a large business, OFX has offers that can suit any customer, and they go to great pains to ensure that each exchange and transfer goes off without any issues. The over 300 staff that the company employs in Sydney, London, San Francisco, Toronto, Auckland, and Hong Kong are all provided with the essentials for work satisfaction, as well as certain additional amenities. These include coffee stations, lounges and fitness facilities, showers, and even ping-pong and foosball tables.

  1. OpenAgent

OpenAgent is a service that allows site visitors to find and compare the rates of the real estate agencies that are in their area in order to find out which prices seem the most acceptable in order to let their clients come to a decision easier. The employee roster at OpenAgent includes marketing analytics experts, coders, and professionals in the field of customer service. They encourage their employees to be comfortable in the workspace by not mandating formal work-wear and encouraging them to make their workspace as comfortable for themselves as possible.

  1. PagerDuty

PagerDuty is a digital operations management platform for businesses. The company makes sure that everyone on the staff is satisfied with their job, and offers learning initiatives to those more ambitious individuals that want more responsibility and are ready to try their hand in a different role in the business. 

PagerDuty also offers all of its workers a few very tempting perks such as substantial paid time off, including parental and sick leave, daily catering lunches and unlimited snacks, competitive pay and equity, and even full medical coverage right from the get-go.

  1. Pexa

PEXA is aimed towards companies in the property management field and it provides their users with a platform that allows them to perform lodgements and settlements online. They encourage employee advancement and even have a program called WILD (what I love doing) that’s intended to encourage them to be the best that they can be. The company offers flexible hours and the option to work from home, extended annual leave, various rewards for a job well done, and even several training courses outside in fields that are outside of the scope of work they’re doing for the company.

  1. Prospa

Prospa is a business-lending company that primarily works with small firms and attempts to provide them with all of the necessary funds that they might need to get their start-up off the ground and into their respective marketplace as quickly as possible. Prospa isn’t stingy when it comes to employee bonuses either. They hold annual awards for those members of staff that have proven that they are valuable members of the team where they deal out rewards such as seasonal engagement programs that include massages, yoga, beach days and so on. They also provide paid parental leave, study assistance programs and even flexible working conditions.

  1. Redbubble

Redbubble is an online marketplace where hundreds of thousands of freelance artists from around the globe can easily get in touch with millions of potentially interested customers. The company encourages the same level of freedom in its employees artists are given when they are creating their design. The focus on teamwork and the spirit of camaraderie that they try to inspire in their workers allows everyone to have the best work experience possible and want to come back and do it again the next day.

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce allows companies to make better-informed business decisions by providing data and statistics on potential customers gathered through the CRM software that the company provides. The structure of Salesforce is anything but standard, as it not only allows but in fact, promotes employee movement. 

What this means is that certain employees are given the opportunity to try out different branches of the business to find out what suits their particular skill set the best. This method allows everyone on the staff to be in the position that they are best suited for and have the most proficiency in, ensuring better results.

  1. SAS

SAS is a provider of analytics software and data management solutions. The company strives to be the best in the field and keep improving in order to always give their clients whatever they need. In order to accomplish this lofty goal, it requires a team of workers that are equally motivated and that seek to continually improve themselves and their job performance. 

In order to nurture such work ethics, the company offers all of the proper health, dental, vision, life, and long term disability insurance, as well as subsidized child care, a full fitness and recreation centre, tuition assistance, and a lot more.

  1. Sitback Solutions

Sitback Solutions provides user experience research and design, custom software development, and website support and optimization for its customers. Sitback celebrates the diversity on display when it comes to the people that make up its working staff. It celebrates a variety of holidays and cultures in the effort to be as inclusive as it possibly can, and to promote a sense of unity within their team. 

Beyond that, the company also provides teaching programs that can allow anyone to better themselves and pick up a few new skills that might prove useful later on down the line.

  1. Smokeball

Smokeball is a provider of legal and conveyancing software that enables law firms to sort their files more easily and carry out communication between team members online. The Smokeball staff are satisfied with the employee benefits that they are provided, such as the complimentary gym membership, the various social activities, and the flexible work structure. 

  1. Solista

Solista is an IT-oriented service provider that aims to challenge the pre-established and obsolete IT practices, and improve its clients’ businesses by testing multiple pain points in the system in order to ensure that everything is running as optimally as possible. Their products require less maintenance and support than other similar products in the field. 

The employees of the company not only get an opportunity to hone their abilities on some of the newest and most advanced technologies on the market, but they also get to offer their own ideas and improve themselves in ways that might prepare them for better positions in the business in the future.

  1. Transpire

Transpire provides digital strategy and consulting, user experience and design research, quality assurance and automation, assists mobile and web development, and much more. 

The company provides a flexible work schedule for their employees, in order to optimize creativity and keep team members happy and rested when they come to work. Aside from that, there’s also the funding for additional training that Transpire puts aways for every member of staff that’s interested in growing their skill set. There are also complimentary yoga classes, personal training sessions, and even fresh and healthy snack options.

  1. Telstra

Telstra has been providing the Australian public with phone, internet, and every sort of entertainment service there is since the days when the company mainly worked on landlines decades and decades ago. 

In addition to the plentiful benefits that it offers its employees, Telstra has an equal opportunity employment policy. Among these benefits, you have the thrive program, which stresses the importance of worker well-being, discounts on in-company services and financial services such as home loans, and even some pretty attractive salary packages. All of these elements together make Telstra an enterprise to watch out for, since it seems to want to go strong for another hundred years.

  1. Yellowfin

Yellowfin is a business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that allows people to make the best and most informed decisions based on the data gathered by their products. The company is currently accommodating the needs of over 25,000 organizations in 75 countries across the globe on a daily basis. When it comes to companies that have so many customers, the average employee will just be satisfied to complete all of their given tasks by the end of the workday. However, for those exceptional few that take that extra step to make themselves stand out, there’s more than adequate compensation.

  1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a global provider of cloud-based customer service and engagement software to a vast number of customers in 160 countries. The company employs more than 3000 workers on a global level, but since it’s constantly looking to grow its operations, that number is likely to get much higher than that very soon. 

Zendesk has positions for every job title, from experienced software engineers to product marketing managers and every sort of job that falls in between that vast gulf. If the employees are dedicated to the company, then the company will reward their dedication.

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