The ultimate list of Freelance developer Programming Sites in 2020

If traveling, sleeping late, or spending more time with your family is what you’ve always imagined your career as a web developer would be like, then choosing to freelance is the closest you will get.

Millions of people around the world don’t want anyone to boss them around and want to make money from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to that, there are now countless freelance websites to pick from. 

If you’re at the beginning of your developer career, we strongly recommend registering on multiple platforms to see what fits you best. In freelancing, beginnings are the toughest, but as soon as you land those first gigs, you can expect an overflow of opportunities.

Further on, the most important measure of your work’s quality in freelance work is client satisfaction, so if you do a great job, getting new projects will become much easier and you might soon find yourself learning how to decline new offers.

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This is an exclusive network that hires only the top 3% in freelance tech talent, meaning their application process is quite rigorous. 

The network imitates tech giants like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft. You need to go through a phone interview, technical screening or code challenges, “White Board programming”, and a Demo Project. As this may take a while, you probably don’t want to rely only on Toptal, especially if you’re only at the beginning of your freelancing career. 

Toptal is accessible in more than 100 countries and they actually employ only a handful of professionals – some 500 freelancers. 

This platform has a 2-week trial period, meaning that a company can decide afterward whether they want to proceed to work with you or not. If they decide to end the arrangement, they are not obligated to transfer any money to the platform, but you still get 50% of the expected income for that period. 

If you’re accepted to this platform, you need to formulate your hourly price. It’s recommended to see where the clients are from. If they come from a developing region, your rate shouldn’t top $60 per hour, whereas, if the client comes from a developed country, it’s okay to charge up to $100 per hour. 

Though there is less competition on Toptal, it could still take a lot of time before you land your first project. It’s essential to do well in the interviews, as the companies are looking to hire people swiftly. They rarely make long selection processes examining numerous candidates. 

To sum up:

Excellent clients

Top-class projects

Creme-de la-creme competition


Turing is quite similar to Toptal as they accept only the top 1% freelance tech candidates. The platform was designed by leading engineers from Facebook, Google, and Stanford University. 

The application process requires going through rigorous tests that might take up more than 8 hours of your time to complete. They assess everything from major tech stack, coding algorithms, system design, to soft skills essential for remote work. 

The matching system is customised, meaning that the platform is trying to satisfy every company’s specific needs by meticulously gauging every candidate’s skills. 

Just like Toptal, they have a risk-free policy by allowing companies to pay them after a two-week trial, while the freelancers are being paid by Turing whether the company decides to continue working with them or not. 

To sum up:

First-class clients and freelancers

Competitive and challenging projects

Customised matching


This platform is specialised for developers, as it hosts more than 6000 freelance front-end, back-end, and full-stack coders. DevConnect’s mission is to create local developer communities in Australia and the United States and help companies save time searching for perfect candidates by offering them top-tier talent in their city. 

It takes only 60 seconds to sign up, as you don’t need to fill out a profile from scratch—you can sign up with your Google or LinkedIn account. 

The platform offers detailed filters for job-type preferences, as you can choose internships, weekends only, evenings-only, freelance, part-time, or full-time positions. You can also set your salary expectations on a fine-tuned scale. Moreover, your odds for landing the ideal gig rise if you specify your seniority level and add all of the skills you possess. 

To sum up:

Hyper-targeted tech-sourcing platform


Available in the US and Australia is a platform specialised for developers and counts around 25,000 freelancers. One of their goals is to support developers on their professional journey by only allowing well-paying clients, willing to maintain enduring relationships with freelancers, to post jobs. Furthermore, you don’t need to get all salesy to gain attention at, as it allows you to submit a hacker’s portfolio, highlighting your accomplishments, reviews, code samples, or videos. 

This one is a bit easier to access than Toptal or Turing, as they accept more people, but you will need to go through a technical assessment, a personal assessment, and provide references from your previous experiences. 

At they don’t promote a one-size-fits-all policy, but rather provide companies with those freelancers who can specifically satisfy their needs. That’s why it will probably pay-off to join this platform after gaining some experience elsewhere, and figuring out where you do best. 

To sum-up:

A platform for specialised development services

High-paying and challenging tasks

Higher accessibility


This is another tech-talent specialised platform. They combine intelligent job matching technologies with career counseling services to help developers end up on jobs that suit them best. 

To join Hired you need to have at least some experience as a developer along with the ability to value your work. Setting a low hourly rate can get your profile rejected, as the curators will think that you’re a fraud. 

To sum up:

A specialised platform for tech-savvies

Career counseling services

High paying clients

Coding Ninjas

This India-based world-wide platform is specialised for matching the best developers with appropriate job opportunities. The selection process is rigorous, as only 4% will pass, so make sure you prepare well. 

After signing up, you need to undergo an elimination live interview. If you do well, the next step is an English test, as this is the main language of communication. If you’re from the USA, Australia, or New Zealand, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

However, language is not enough, as the next step in the selection process is a code quality test, and you can’t make it to the top 4% unless you pass. If you’re worried about this part, you can always take their online training in code building

Similar to other previously mentioned platforms, at Coding Ninja they use a customised system to match projects with developers’ skills and preferences. This way it’s more likely that you’ll end up working on projects you really like. 

To sum up about Coding Ninjas:

They accept the top 4% of developers

Skills-and-preferences-based matching system

Code building training to help you prepare for the entrance exam


Codeable is a platform specialised for creme-de-la-creme WordPress developers, as only the top 2% of applicants can join. 

The platform provides loyal and returning clients, along with top-notch support, which is essential if you want to focus all your energy into delivering the best possible results. 

A great thing about Codeable is that freelancers have a guaranteed minimum rate of $70-$120 per hour, so you never have to bother with bidding or underpayment. 

The selection process starts with a comprehensive English language test, followed by submitting examples that prove your WordPress experience, a technical knowledge test, and a problem-solving abilities test.

If you pass these, you need to undertake a behavioral interview along with a live coding test. For the final step, all applicants must go through The Codeable Academy exam, which verifies that they are fully aware of quality standards and operational rules at Codeable. 

When you’re finally in, there is a 45-day trial period to prove your competence and professionalism, before your work is once more reviewed by the Codeable team. If everything goes well, you can continue working through this platform, yet maintaining excellence is a must. Another thing to expect at Codeable is occasional monitoring by their staff members, as they want to retain excellence and a professional image. 

To sum up:

Creme-de la-creme WordPress developers 

A complex enrollment process

Loyal, returning clients 

High minimum hourly rate 

WP Hired

Speaking of WordPress, we have to mention the WP Hired platform. If you’re literate in WordPress, but not ready to compete with the top 2% at Codeable, WP Hired could be the right place for you. This platform hosts only WordPress experts, but there are no access restrictions. 

The website lists thousands of job openings and service providers. However, the fact that it’s accessible to everyone means no hourly rate regulations as well. Yet, if you want to boost your skills and experience and become a top-notch WordPress developer, WP Hired offers countless part-time, full-time positions, as well as internships, or one-time projects. 

To sum up:

WordPress only

Anyone can enter

Great for gaining experience


Topcoder is another platform for all kinds of tech-savvies – designers, algorithmists, web developers, data scientists. They have more than 1.5 million members, so although they’re specialised, they are not nearly as selective as most of the aforementioned platforms.,  All kinds of businesses list their available positions on Topcoder—global enterprises, small agencies, startups, etc—so you can find different kinds of employment. Although there’s a lot of competition, it’s highly likely that you will find jobs that really suit you, as all positions are tech-oriented. 

Additionally, Topcoder is a good place to start at, before moving to some of the elite freelancing platforms described above, as it allows you to build a competitive portfolio once you start landing gigs. 

To sum up:

Tech-only platform

1.5 million freelancers 

A vast number of employers

Easily accessible


Gigster is a great medium-sized network suitable for highly professional developers and all other tech enthusiasts, as it caters to some 1000 top-notch freelancers. Most people who work through Gigster are either highly educated talent from top-tier universities such as MIT or Stanford or have experience working in large tech companies like Microsoft or Google. As a result, you’ll be paid a Silicon Valley wage standard, regardless of where you’re located in the world. 

Another great thing about Gigster is that you’re never alone in the app development process, as the platform has a huge code library made to help you code more efficiently. Furthermore, they have an AI system that assists you with assembling your job application. At Gigster, application and website development is rarely a one-man show, as they often match companies with several tech experts to work on a project as a team. 

If this is tickling your imagination, feel free to send them your resume, and make sure you have your top-class codes ready!

To sum up:

Top-class experts 


Silicon Valley rates

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a huge platform built exclusively for web developers. It’s good for both beginners and experts, as it hosts more than 50 million tech enthusiasts worldwide. The job listings are organised by several parameters such as title, programming languages, seniority level, salary, location, etc, so it’s easy to find projects that are well-suited for your particular skillset. 

Unfortunately, as it often happens on mass-use platforms, there’s hardcore competition regarding hourly rates, so at the beginning, your salary might not meet your expectations. However, this platform offers you a chance to gain a lot of experience with worldwide clients, meaning that after some time you’ll probably be able to set higher rates for your work. 

To sum up:

Specialised for developers

More than 50 million users 

Worldwide network

A large number of filters for accurate job search


Workana is an all-in-one freelance platform, but it favors tech and design gigs. It has very rich job listings that seem to be refreshing hourly (as opposed to daily). Web development is the most popular job category on the platform, followed by web design. Submitting a profile on Workana is free of charge, however, fees in case of hiring can be up to 15%. 

The platform allows you to create a detailed online resume to send to clients every time you bid for a new job. To avoid scams, and to make sure you get paid, Workana takes a deposit from clients before the gig begins. This way they ensure that you’re paid as soon as the project is done. 

To sum up:

Offers jobs mainly in tech and design 

Payment insurance 

High commission fees

Scalable Path

This platform was created for designers and developers and hosts over 16,000 top-tier freelancers in 171 countries. There are no entry requirements, but you need to have interviews with employers as part of the recruitment process when you apply for gigs. Hourly rates usually range between $45 and $65. Apart from short-term projects, you might actually land a full-time remote position, which saves you time from applying to new projects over and over again. 

To sum up:

Developers and designers oriented

Large client base

Everyone can join


PowerToFly is a unique community for women developers, along with a job board. Their mission is to help more women get jobs in the tech industry. They have a strong support system where female freelancers can connect and exchange experiences or join panel discussions and virtual job fairs hosted on the platform.   

To sum up:

A platform for women in the tech industry

Strong support system

Possibilities to learn and grow


CodePen is a community built exclusively for front-end developers and designers. It has built-in tools for online code editing and it’s an open-source learning environment that offers opportunities for creating, testing, and exhibiting HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes. 

Their job board hosts more than 300,000 users and represents one of the largest communities for experts dealing with user-interface programming. 

To sum up:

Front-end development and design only

Code editor and learning environment

A large number of users

Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is Amazon’s global crowdsourcing marketplace, mostly oriented towards solving clients’ tech-related issues. Jobs here are not very high-paying, but you might run into some challenging gigs to help you improve your resume. 

To sum up:

Global tech-oriented marketplace

Great for beginners

You Team

This marketplace hosts hundreds of software agencies sharing information about engineers who work for them and clients simply select a contractor to hire them for a project. This means that You Team mostly hires teams of people who already work together to complete projects for various companies. 

In case you have a couple of friends or know some people who share your passion for remote work, you might as well apply at YouTeam. The platform is highly legit and works with top-notch clients, including clients from Silicon Valley.

To sum up:

A great place for teams of developers

High-paying clients

Challenging projects 


This is a tech-oriented platform hosting mostly high-paying clients offering challenging gigs. The platform is available for everyone—there are no special requirements for entering, and no commission fees for service providers. 

However, if you’re a beginner, your chances of landing a gig are quite low, as most jobs require intermediate or advanced skill levels because the clients usually need custom projects for their websites. Applying for gigs functions through bidding, yet, pricing rates remain high.  

To sum up:


Intermediate to advanced skill level-friendly

High-paying gigs

Solo Gig

Solo Gig is Career Builder’s division website, created mostly for IT professionals from the US. It offers freelance, part-time, and full-time positions. 

If you don’t want to browse through jobs daily, you can sign up to receive email job alerts. Moreover, you will be visible to companies and recruiters based on your resume and skill set.

In case you’re at the beginning of your career and need some guidance, you can find a lot of useful advice.

However, Solo Gig is more of a career starter as it won’t bring you big money. The highest paying jobs here range between $40 and $80 per hour. 

To sum up:

IT and tech-oriented

Good starting point 

Personalised job alerts


Crossover is an elite freelance platform accepting only the top 1% of global talent. To enter you need to undergo a rigorous selection process consisting of basic fitness examination, an intelligence test, English language skills, subject matter test (coding in your case), and some creativity and problem-solving tasks. This may be challenging, but once you’re in you can count on long-term projects with competitive compensation. 

Moreover, companies who are looking to hire through this platform usually need entire teams of talented freelancers, so you’ll most likely face less competition and more collaboration. Some job roles will require you to attend a paid 1-month Remote University training program, meaning that you’ll be fully trained to tackle any task. 

To sum up:

1% top-tier talents

Rigorous selection process

Full support and paid training

On Site

On Site is a top-notch freelance platform, accepting only the top 5% applicants. To become a part of their community you usually need an invitation, meaning you have to be experienced and recognised before joining. However, you can try applying directly on their website by submitting samples of your work, but keep in mind that their curators evaluate them rigorously.

On Site works with big shot clients such as BBC, Google, Rafa, or Stereo and the most interesting fact is that they don’t take any commissions— the platform is completely free for both clients and freelancers. The main value is high-quality work. 

On Site carefully gauges companies’ needs and freelancers’ qualifications and tries to handle the matchmaking process as swiftly as possible.

To sum up:

Top 5% invited applicants

Top-class clients

Free for everyone

Expert 360

Expert 360 is one of the leaders in the industry of workforce outsourcing currently hosting more than 23,000 freelancers from various fields. They employ experts from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore with at least 2 years of professional experience in their field. 

A great thing about the platform is that it has a “live resume” meaning that your portfolio automatically updates every time you finish a project saving you time on boring manual work. Moreover, they provide insurance for workers in case of any mishaps on the projects, covering $20m for Professional Indemnity and $20m for Public and Products Liability. 

To sum up:

Available in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore

High quality and experienced freelancers


Smashing Jobs

Smashing Jobs has a slightly different concept than other freelance platforms or websites, as it is actually a magazine. The job board is designed to help developers and designers find the best possible gigs in their industries. Some employers offer remote positions, while others require candidates to allocate to another country. We also ran into those allowing candidates to choose between two options.  

Smashing Jobs offers excellent blog articles and e-books to help you improve your skills and follow-up on the newest trends in the world of web design and development. 

The overall quality of gigs on Smashing Jobs is considered as high, as it’s quite expensive for employers to list a job on this website ($75-$225). The number of users on this website crosses 4 million and it’s not rare to find job advertisements from huge companies like Amazon, Tesla Motors, Electronic Arts, or Activision.

To sum up:

Highly legit – huge companies use this platform

Possibilities to either work remotely or move to a new country

High-paying jobs 


Upwork is probably one of the most popular networks with more than 12 million registered freelancers, among which more than 200k are web developers. 

The platform tries to regulate the market by not accepting applicants at all times. If a certain market is overcrowded they probably won’t approve your profile. 

Though rich with opportunities, Upwork is less likely to land you a good living, as clients mostly offer short-term projects, the platform charges you a 20% commission fee, and they use a token bidding system. Once you’re out of tokens, you need to pay for new ones, making your working process full of unexpected disbursements. If you manage to gain experience and recommendations, your status will probably improve, as well as the odds of landing higher-paying gigs. 

To sum up:

Great for beginners 

Huge job listings

Some level of market and price regulation

Your odds of success rise with experience


Outsourcely is a platform offering various freelance services, from writing and administration to web development and design. Being Upwork’s direct competitor, they are trying to beat them by mostly matching freelancers to long-term projects, and by not charging them any fees. 

The only disbursements for service providers are $10-$15 in case they want a featured profile. 

A downside to this platform is that it’s quite new and they don’t offer as many job opportunities as Upwork or Freelancer. You will also encounter lower hourly rates for services as the platform hosts worldwide freelancers, and not everyone charges by the US or Australian standard. 

To sum up:

Commission-free platform


Long-term contracts


Fiverr is a great, freelancing platform that’s open for everyone, and it’s especially suitable for beginners. It allows you to create tons of separate services using all your skills and knowledge. However, keep in mind that this platform is much more competitive and it’s more difficult to earn money as there are no pricing regulations. Someone might charge only $5 for the service you’re offering for $50. 

Fiverr has special features for customising your packages, meaning you can charge more for some necessary micro-steps such as express delivery, additional revisions, etc, which many other platforms overlook. 

To sum up:

Great for beginners

Competitive market

Customised service packages

Epic Jobs

Epic Jobs is not a platform with its own job listing, it rather sources jobs and projects from various social media platforms with a specific hashtag. The listings at Epic Jobs are truly enormous and mostly tech-oriented. The positions vary from freelance to part-time and full-time and there are some excellent offers for web developers at famous companies like Mailchimp, Twitter, Slack, HBO, etc. 

 To sum up, Epic Jobs offers:

A variety of available jobs 

Epic employers

Various types of positions


This platform is one of the leading networks for talented professionals in various fields, including web development. They offer full-time and part-time positions along with short-term freelancing projects. You can use their free detailed portfolio template to accurately showcase your skills to potential recruiters. 

A unique thing on Nexxt are its four unusual focuses for job search: local, diversity, global, and career. 

In case you don’t want to browse through their website every day, you can simply sign up for an email newsletter, specifying a job title and a location of interest. 

Nexxt hosts a large variety of clients and if you want to gain experience and get some good references, this might be the right place for you. 

To sum up:

Detailed free portfolio 

Focused job search

Lots of clients


Freelancer is one of the best-known freelancing platforms. They connect more than 44 million employers and freelancers in all fields. Similar to Upwork and other mass-platforms, bidding for a project often comes down to offering the lowest price. However, you can use Freelancer to gain experience and figure out your preferences. 

Since anyone can submit a profile, there is a strong security verification system you can choose to go through to make your profile more legit to employers. 

Another downside is that you don’t get all the features with a basic free profile. If you want to upgrade, gain more visibility, and be able to bid on more than 8 projects per month, you need to pay some money. Moreover, you will rate better if you take some of the Freelancer quizzes that cost $6 each.   

Apart from bidding, you can try earning money by participating in contests but if you don’t win, you don’t get paid. Nevertheless, contests are great for gaining experience, visibility, and improving your skills. 

To sum up about Freelancer:

Available for everyone

Good for beginners to gain experience on lower-paying projects

Competitive project contests 

Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a job platform similar to Upwork, Freelancer, Nexxt, and Outsourcely, offering freelancing, full-time, and part-time positions. 

The platform offers various filters for smart search, like experience level, location, industry, or skills. Registration is free for freelancers and they offer assistance with formulating your price by offering information about your local job market and a salary calculator. What is more, they have great resume templates you can use for free to build a professional portfolio. 

To sum up:

A variety of positions

Diverse search filters

Free CV templates

Salary calculator

The Creative Group

This platform is mainly focused on working with talent and creatives in the digital industry. Their recruiters will curate you through the application process and keep in touch even after you land the first job to ensure that the process is going smoothly for both you and the client. 

After signing up you can check out The Creative Group’s job listings and apply to different positions. Then, you need to connect through LinkedIn and ask for a referral from someone you know who’s already working with TCG. 

Once you make the contact, the recruiters will review your resume and let you know if you meet the requirements and whether your skill set matches those frequently requested by their clients. If everything goes well, they will schedule an interview where you’ll have the opportunity to introduce your preferences, experience, or salary expectations. If you’re not sure how to set your rate, you can check out their salary guide

To sum-up:

Creatives-oriented platform

Full-time, part-time, one-time-project contracts

A recruiter assists you throughout the process

We Work Remotely

This is more of a job-listing website than a freelance platform, and it’s very easy to use, as you don’t need to register. They have lists of available remote jobs, and you can apply for either full-time or part-time positions or subscribe to their mailing list to receive information about available positions. 

The website works worldwide meaning that you have a lot of options. Keep in mind that most gigs require a higher education and adequate skills and experience and make sure to prepare a proper CV, cover letter, and some samples of your work. 

This website doesn’t handle the recruitment process, so you’ll go through one every time you apply for a job. A company may schedule an online interview, or in their offices. 

Sometimes companies will require that the applicant is located in the same country, or might ask you to travel once or twice a year to meetings.

An upside is that some major companies list their open positions at We Work Remotely meaning you could land a top-notch job here. 

To sum up:

A website, not a platform 

Numerous job postings from various companies

Great opportunity for people who can’t find work in their own geographical location

Working Nomads

Similar to We Work Remote, Working Nomads is a highly legit job listing website, with a huge number of job categories, each of them counting a truly large number of open positions. 

The most popular category is web development, having thousands of gigs available, so if you’re looking for a part-time or a full-time remote position, start digging through this website, as the chances of getting hired seem to be pretty high. 

To sum up:

A website not a platform

Very popular for web development

A variety of jobs available


Indeed is one of the very well-known general job sites with diverse listings from across the US and countless opportunities for web developers. 

The website is very popular as they often publish articles, economic analyses, company reviews, etc, therefore, many businesses consider this a respectable platform and post job openings on.  

What you need to do is to submit your resume, prepare cover letters, and browse for jobs.

A possible downside is that this company is available for US applicants only. 

To sum up:

Very popular

Countless opportunities



This is a tech-only platform hosting more than 7 million freelancers’ profiles. It’s a leading network for matching top-notch developers and programmers with high paying clients. The platform is US-based, but you can browse jobs worldwide. Its user-friendly interface seems to be appealing to various employers who primarily choose Dice in search of talent. 

When searching for a job you can use a smart list of criteria or set up an email alert to inform you every time a matching opportunity pops up. 

In case you want to check how you’re doing on the market and whether it’s time to up your hourly rate, Dice offers excellent analytical tools and insights. 

To sum up:


Countless opportunities

Precise criteria

Analytical tools that help you advance in your career

Flex Jobs 

This platform is made for all kinds of freelancing jobs, but most of them are in IT and tech. The platform has a very rich job pool and excellent sorting options when browsing, with more than 60 subcategories. 

One downside is that you have to pay a $14.95 monthly membership, with the possibility of making it a one-month, or three-month subscription by setting your account to expire within that time. 

Paid membership has its upsides, as it allows building an excellent resume, adding various skills, and taking tests to improve your odds for getting hired. On the other hand, many jobs listed on FlexJobs are not exclusively offered there, and you can find them on other free platforms. 

To sum up:

A well-organised platform with a rich job pool

Paid membership 

An excellent portfolio builder


Bark is one of the largest job databases you’ll encounter. Creating a profile is completely free, however, you need to pay a small fee for each introduction. This platform offers countless opportunities with more than 500K registered businesses seeking workforce.  

To sum up:

Rich job listings

Small fee charges


This is a digital nomad directory helping you search for jobs based on geo-location, to ensure that you and the client can manage cooperation through time zones and languages. Applying for gigs is free and you receive your full salary, however, you need to pay a one-time, 17€ commission fee. 

To sum up:

Geo-location based job search

Sign-up fee 


LocalSolo is open for everyone, and it’s a freelance website hosting more than 27,000 professionals from all around the world. They have rich job listings for all kinds of web developers and they don’t charge service providers any commission fees. 

To sum up:

Free for everyone

Rich listings


Envato is a worldwide community for tech and design-oriented freelancers. The platform is very straightforward, easy to use, and hosts a variety of clients. There is a certain candidate selection process necessary to assure high levels of work quality. 

A great thing about Envato is that they have their own project management tools, job approval workflow, as well as a built-in messaging app. These help freelancers and clients coordinate more efficiently and finish projects in a matter of days. 

To sum up:

A user-friendly platform

Built-in tools for efficient coordination

Available worldwide 

People Per Hour

This 13-year old freelancing platform is an excellent place to begin your remote work journey. PPH has an extremely diverse job pool for freelancers to dive in, and meticulous curators who review every candidate’s application to assure quality. 

If you are a total newbie in the freelance land, make sure you check out their Academy – it offers lots of free useful courses on building a resume, bidding, etc. 

The platform offers escrow payment protection to ensure financial safety for both sides. For freelancers, the platform is completely free of charge and has a reputation for hosting well-paying clients. Even so, the competition is very challenging and the best gigs are available on a paid plan.  

To sum up:

A platform with a long tradition

Academy for beginners

Payment protection

Well-paying clients

Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations is a curated job-seeking website, similar to Flex jobs, but for US residents only. The subscription costs $15,99, but you can save up with a 6-month membership costing $59,99. The platform searches through corporate job listings ideal for telecommuters. Though you could probably do the search by yourself, the platform makes it easier and faster. 

To sum up:


Paid membership website


A good old work-oriented social media platform that shouldn’t be forgotten as another smart way of seeking remote jobs. Almost every upright company has a profile on this platform and what makes LinkedIn so good are the highly informative company profiles, the possibility for self-promotion by sharing works and achievements on your profile, and making connections.  

If you set-up your profile as an active job seeker, any time headhunters use LinkedIn to search for developers, you will show up in their search results if your skills match their requirements. You can also sign up to receive notifications about available positions of your interest. 

On LinkedIn, it’s important to set an informative profile: a proper CV, skill assets, languages you speak, etc. The platform will inform you about your profile’s strength and suggest changes or adding info. You can boost your odds by adding testimonials from your previous employers as well. 

To sum up:

A social media platform rich with highly informative content

Millions of users 

A good place to be tracked down by headhunters

99 Design

This platform is ideal for front-end developers, as it hosts countless designers and offers numerous opportunities for translating design into functional websites. 

The platform offers two working models – bidding and contests. Unfortunately, if you participate in contests, but don’t win them, you won’t get paid. 

The good thing about this platform is that job offers are precise and standardised with detailed explanations (e.g. how mature, luxurious, or abstract they want the product to be). 

When you submit your profile, the platform’s staff reviews your work and rates you with entry, mid, or top-level badge. It’s possible to move from one level to another, and raise your odds for landing a gig. 

To sum up:

Great for front-enders and web designers

A possibility to participate in contests 

A possibility to progress through seniority levels

Design Crowd

Similar to 99 design, Design Crowd hosts all sorts of designers, so if you’re a developer with a passion for the visual, come on board. Once you register a profile, you can either bid on projects or participate in contests. What’s unique about this platform is that you get some dollars for at least participating in a contest, meaning that your efforts are not futile even if you don’t win. 

The platform operates globally, so the possibilities are countless. However, that also means more competition and lower prices, as that’s what usually happens in international freelance working environments. At the same time, the experience you can gain is priceless. 

To sum up:

Designers-friendly platform

Payment for participating in a contest

An international environment


Speaking of design, we can’t overlook one of the most popular platforms for finding creatives across all industries—Behance. It hosts millions of employers worldwide and allows you to create multimedia portfolios to showcase within or outside the platform. This is more of a live portfolio service to use for presenting your work professionally to a potential client, as all images and graphics you add remain in very high quality. 

To sum up:

Millions of recruiters

Professional portfolio

Worldwide platform


Dribbble is a community for creatives looking for challenging gigs and a place where designers can share and comment on each other’s work. They also organise meet-ups quite often, to create a tight connection inside the designer community.

The platform also has an excellent blog full of tutorials to keep you updated on the latest tools and programs in your field. 

So far, the platform has hosted some major clients such as Facebook, Google, Slack, and Apple so here you might find some inspiring projects and connect with top-tier professionals. 

To sum up:

Major clients

A community where top-tier talents connect


If you don’t feel like browsing through websites and platforms but you’d like to land a decent design project, consider signing up to Floyo. It’s a free daily newsletter delivering info on available gigs by monitoring Slack communities, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. You’ll also have access to numerous articles that should help you with your career. However, if you want to get access to the top-tier design projects, you need to pay a reasonable subscription fee. 

To sum up:

A daily newsletter

Great clients


Krop hosts some of the most creative talents in the world of web design and development. Furthermore, their clients are some of the biggest names in their industries such as: Nike, Tesla, Netflix, Apple, HBO, MTV, Twitter, etc. If you think your skill-set matches the challenging job positions posted by companies of this calibre, we strongly recommend trying out Krop. 

This sounds great, but unfortunately, their free package offers only a limited service in terms of available resume templates and the number of photos or videos you can add to your profile. If you want to showcase more, you need to switch to a paid membership program which is luckily not too expensive – $9,99 per month. 

To sum up:

Top-class famous companies as clients

Limited possibilities with a free membership

Paid membership is quite affordable

A variety of possibilities to build an excellent portfolio


Coroflot is a worldwide platform connecting designers from various backgrounds with outstanding career opportunities. The website has a 23-year long tradition of successfully connecting talent with high paying clients and has provided services for major companies like Nokia, Nike, Intel, Blu Dot, and Sony. They are quite strict about applications and accept only the top-tier talent in the industry. 

To sum up:

The best designers

Famous clients

A long tradition


Guru is another worldwide, available-for-everyone freelancing platform that’s great for beginners. They offer a number of working positions and there are no commission fees for freelancers. However, their support system is not very well developed and there seem to be a lot of scams. 

Moreover, freelancers from different countries set various hourly rates, so the market can be quite competitive. 

Guru offers SafePay protection and you can choose a preferred payment method. Once you start working, you can use the platform’s WorkRooms, where you meet with employers to collaborate and communicate. 

To sum up:

Good for beginners

SafePay protection

Free and available for everyone

Authentic Jobs

This is one of the leading communities made to connect designers, developers, and other creatives in the digital industry. They list freelance, part-time, full-time positions, and internships – ideal for those with no prior experience. After a while, you might get in touch with some of the major clients this platform hosts such as Facebook, Apple, or Tesla. 

To sum up:

Plenty of positions for developers

Ideal for beginners

Big-shot clients

MeFi Jobs

This is a website with an interesting concept as the first thing you’ll run into is a map with location pins indicating available positions. If you click on a pin, you’ll see what the job is about and whether it interests you. MeFi Jobs have a long job listing involving both one-time and long-term projects. If you’re fully inexperienced you can apply to some interesting internships to boost your portfolio. 

Though the platform has a lot of different positions from Television, Radio, and Film to science and biotech, it turns out that programming and web development have the largest number of open positions. 

To sum up:

Geolocation-based search

Numerous positions available in a variety of fields


Hireable is more or less similar to all the above-mentioned freelance platforms. It has a worldwide reach, but some job ads are location specific. They have robust job listings and a user-friendly interface as well as the possibility to set up email alerts for preferable positions in case you don’t want to browse through their website daily. 

The platform also has a smart system for matching your skillset with an adequate open position, making the procedure of job-seeking more efficient.  

To sum up:

A worldwide reach

Job alerts and recommendations

How to choose the best freelance website to work as a developer?

As we mentioned before – coders nowadays don’t lack business opportunities. That goes for both the regular market as well as the world of freelance. When you’re at the beginning of your freelance career it may be difficult to figure out where to begin, as there are so many options. 

For people with no prior experience platforms like MeFi, Authentic Jobs, or WP Hired that offer internship programs might be a good starting point. However, it’s possible to find decent projects on commercial platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, or Simply Hired that will help you boost your portfolio through working with various types of clients – small businesses, start-ups, individuals, or huge companies. 

However, if you feel ready to showcase your coding abilities to some top-notch clients, consider taking a shot at Toptal, Turing, DevConnect, or Maybe you are one of the top 1% or 2%, you just don’t know it yet. 

Whichever path you choose, make sure that you’re fully aware of your abilities and goals. Examine different platforms to see what other people like you are offering and what are the needs of the market. Perhaps list down all the services you can offer and who would be your ideal clients. Try figuring out what kind of projects suit you best and focus on landing those ideal gigs. 

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