Top 15 places to hire a developer

Nowadays, hiring a web developer is usually done online. How would you find a skilled employee otherwise? Even if you go to an employment agency or a recruitment company, they still can’t match the vast talent pool nor the convenience of finding workers online.

What online recruitment platforms offer is the ability to look over thousands of profiles so you can choose the best-suited freelancer or full-time worker for both your project and budget. And you can do all this from the comfort of your own home or office.

With hundreds of such sites available, trying to visit them all is not only extremely time-consuming but inefficient as well. So for your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 places to hire a developer online. Let’s briefly go over the best online recruitment platforms so you can see what each of them offers. 

  1. Authentic jobs

If you’re unsure of where to go in search of top-tier web, mobile, or software developers, Authentic jobs might be a good place to start. Their job board is full of listings of capable programmers who are looking for work, and it’s very likely that some of them have the skills you’re looking for.

Another very useful feature of the job board is that it lists both remote and local developer positions, giving you the option to hire either a remote worker or a full-time in-office developer.


Like many other online programming forums, the job board that can be found on is an untapped gold mine of capable developers are available for work. The site is primarily used by coders that need answers to questions pertaining mainly to the HTML, CSS, and Javascript programming languages. 

However, seeing as how it’s a frequent meeting spot for people in the tech industry to exchange problems and solutions, it also serves as excellent recruitment grounds for capable developers.

  1. Dice

Dice is a tech and IT career board. Seeing as how a countless number of tech professionals are registered on the site and how there are millions of visitors every month, you’ll likely get a very large number of responses to any development job that you post. But keep in mind that you’ll need a few hundred dollars to simply post a job offer since this is one of the more expensive options when it comes to worker recruitment online. However, if you do post a job, you’ll find that the money was well worth it for the world-class developers you’ll get to choose from.

  1. Devconnect

We do acknowledge that this may initially come off as a bit biased. However, the fact remains that our site has consistently been a place where companies could easily find top-tier developers ever since we launched, and there are countless satisfied clients who can attest to this.

The simple design of our developer-focused recruitment platforms allows clients to start looking through all of the available developers as soon as they log in. And with the help of the optimized search engine, we’ll make sure that you are presented with the best choices for developers that fit the criteria that you set in terms of required skills.

  1. Envato

Envato is a platform where developers can market a wide range of services and offer them at prices that range from $100 to up to $2000 for a single project, depending on the client’s requirements. This large fee gap means that there are various services on offer by experienced professionals in the tech field. Regardless of where the task in question is some simple logo design and branding, or website design and programming, no task is too big or too small, and you’ll easily be able to find the right developer for the job here.

  1. Freelancer

Freelancer is a reliable site that you can use to find a capable freelance developer for any work that you might need help with. You’ll get a live chat option that allows you to always be in contact with the freelancer of your choice and get regular updates. You’ll also get 24/7 customer support which shows us that client satisfaction is Freelancer’s priority number one.

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is the go-to place for small business owners who need a bit of work done or solo employers in need of a developer for a one-time project. This site is the best place for finding skilled freelancers at an affordable price. In case you doubt the reliability of the profiles on the site, the Fiverr Pro option will allow you to view pre-vetted profiles in exchange for a few more dollars.

  1. Gigster

What makes Gigster pretty unique in terms of recruitment sites is that it sets their clients up with product managers who act as inbetweens that ensure the communication between the employers and the developers goes as smoothly as possible. This makes the site a reliable place to find a qualified team of professionals for any projects that you have in mind. So if you don’t want to do the recruiting job by yourself and are in need of a helping hand, Gigster might be perfect for you. 

  1. Github

Github is a developer-focused recruiting platform, which allows the site to specifically cater to tech companies in need of data engineers, solution architects, software developers, and so on.

The simplistic design of the site cuts through all of the unnecessary fat and allows matching after you choose the location, the job description, and whether it’s a full time or a part-time position.

  1. Guru

The number of different professions available on Guru makes this site a one-stop-shop for pretty much any tech company. Regardless of whether it’s software development, SEO, or even logo design, if you know exactly what you’re looking for, this is the site for you. Guru has a virtual army of capable freelancers who are vetted by the customers themselves. This will allow you to find the ideal freelancer with the exact expertise and abilities you need for your project.

  1. Hired

Regardless if you’re a new startup or a well-established company looking for someone who can use Java, Python, or even Ruby, you’ll surely find your future employee on Hired. 

The developers available for hire are all highly skilled and have at least some degree of experience. Additionally, the search algorithm that the site uses is designed to take only the most important aspects of a developer, such as their specific skills and knowledge, and pair every client with the most suitable match depending on their needs.

  1. People per hour

Even though the site is a freelance marketplace, much like Upwork or Fiverr, it has plenty of features that distinguish it from the competition. People per hour offers an easy payment system that works on a per-hour basis, a simple method for both posting and finding jobs, and an easy way to match remote and local freelancers with interested companies. Add to that the option to allow potential employers to review the people they’ve worked with, and you’ll find that the site is a great recruitment platform for both companies and workers alike.

  1. Stack Overflow

Regardless of how many years of experience they have or the specific language they are adept in, the Stack Overflow site is the go-to place for coders and developers looking for answers to specific programming questions. Every month there are millions and millions of visitors to the site that are either developers or people involved in the tech industry in one way or another. Seeing as how the site is such a trusted meeting place for this particular community, you can easily find a skilled developer for your company or one-time project.

  1. Toptal

The first thing that you’ll see when you go to the Toptal website is the questionnaire that you’re presented with right from the get-go. This shows how the company isn’t interested in just spinning its wheels in place and is dedicated to helping you find a suitable hire for your company the minute you decide that you need one.

The large number of developers present on the site have extensive knowledge of WordPress, Python, CSS, and many other programming languages. Additionally, the site has also grown to include designers and even finance experts, if by chance you might need people with those talents as well.

  1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most well-known employment sites in the world. It connects freelancers from many different professions with employers. The diversity of the professions that are present on the site will easily allow you to find web, software, and mobile developers, as well as any other type of programmer that you might need. Just bear in mind that the popularity of the site and the vast talent pool will make the job of choosing a candidate pretty hard.

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